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Originally Posted by bimmer456 View Post
Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
This car is going to set the automotive world on fire!

Think about the performance we're talking about here - and this is for the BASE Stingray with 495HP from an "antiquated" pushrod V8! They stated 1.0g on all-season tires too.

Much of the speculation was the GM doesn't know what they're doing with a mid-engined layout. From the talk last night, they looked at it as a complete advantage that they took fully advantage of.

All this for what will be less than $100K fully spec'd is epic.
I'm assuming that the 3LT model will probably be close to $20K more than the base car, plus other options should keep it under the $100K mark.
NSX owners have to be feeling really stupid (yes, I still hate that car!)

What the hell is the Z06 and Zora (ZR1 replacement) going to be like?
The NSX is a hybrid that gets better gas mileage but for the price who cares.
Just comparing the NSX at 21/22 mpg to the C7 at 16/25, I'm not sure it's safe to say it will get better mileage than the C8. The NSX is a poorly executed car that had way too many chefs in the development kitchen.