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They mentioned last night that the cockpit is a little bigger. The guy said an inch more leg room.
My buddy who's 6' 4" about 260 fits comfortably in my C6. He liked driving it so much he made me an offer to buy it.

The new Corvette is going to have some marque makers lose sleep. I love my Vette but this one very well might persuade me to put one in the garage. I impatiently await reviews and track times.
Since I took a friend for a ride in my SS 1LE, he wanted to take me for a ride in his C6 corvette. It was the very first year for that corvette and I swear it underwent some kind of re-design part-way through that model, because this one just looked so basic and plastic inside. I'm only 5'11" and it felt like there was no way someone a couple inches taller would fit. I really felt like I was way too large for the car and my head would be jammed against the top. It's amazing to see just how far beyond this car even the C7s are.

I will say that from this C6 to C7, there's no comparison for interior. This C7 I took pictures of at the dealer goes up against anything else IMO. A lot of people are biased and think certain interiors are better when really, there's nothing significantly different or the "more expensive" one uses just as much plastic and fake features. I'd have a hard time living with that C6 interior, but this C7, my 2SS 1LE, no problem.

In these days, I think the perceptions are more of a problem, rather than the actual "interior".

My 2 SS 1LE is actually quieter with less rattles than my M3 had. GM is not what is was regarding interior.

It's more perception rather than fact.

Similar to how most uneducated buyers still buy into "The Ultimate Driving Machine " marketing slogan of the M3/4, which it is clearly not anymore.
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