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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
So I can get this straight - because I was responsible and worked 50hrs a week through undergrad and busted my ass so I could get a scholarship for grad school and you didn't and borrowed money because you chose poorly - I should have my money forcibly taken from me and given to you?

I got two words for that...screw you.

I'll light it on fire before I give it to someone that didn't earn it.
As much as I agree with you, the problem is we're already giving our money away as long as entitlement programs exist without any realistic termination date. When a politician like Sanders or Warren promotes these types of policies, why wouldn't the entire college population/young white collar workers vote for them? Dems have for a long time been winning on the free stuff campaign.

Going on another tangent, I don't see how conservatives can win this fight long term, unless a socially progressive Democrat runs with fiscally conservative values. The problem is a lot of these social progressive ideas cross over into the fiscal space, but I really believe a compromise can be had. A lot of these social progressive policies make no sense to me, but if there could be a way to let people do as they will on their own coin, I think this country could finally start coming together again and both parties start to work together once more. We're still going to disagree on social issues, but at least there'd be some hope of not spending ourselves into bankruptcy.