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Originally Posted by jillcooper View Post
It's true that it's not as free as most people think but has a look at it this way. & you would understand if you've got kids. Won't it be more convenient for you if you pay a 1.35$ for a product which is 1.25$ currently? then pay thousands of dollars intuition later.
I have 3 grown children, and I live in a country that has very high tax rates that never go down. We have subsidized post secondary education here which seems reasonable. There have been a number of politicians who have promised free education and free dental, pharma etc. We are already at a point that we are taxed at nearly or above 50% depending on your income once you factor in all the taxes we pay. Fully funding education would triple the cost to government over the current model.

Once government gives you free education, health care etc then what because human nature will be to want more free stuff and politicians will promise it....this my friend is the road to socialism which has never worked.
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