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Originally Posted by jillcooper View Post
Okay, I guess you're the perfect example of one of the idiots who doesn't understand & just blurts out an answer.

It's not just about me or my siblings, it's about your children, your brother's children or maybe one of your friends who is going through college; or any other American child who is unable to afford college.

It's about each & every American child out there who wants to be educated but can't because they are not able to afford an education.

It's not just about me, so first of all, let's try to be civil here and think about the bigger picture.

Okay - so two things.

1) Your grammar and sentence structure is atrocious. I've taken the liberty of correcting it for you above so that others may be able to better understand you.

2) University is free for nearly anyone in the the United States that wants it to be. They just have to make an effort. There are currently over $14,000,000,000 of scholarships available in this country that go unclaimed every year. That is 14 billion dollars. Yes, with a B. So long as someone makes an effort in High School, there are plenty of scholarships to get a full ride to college in this country. In addition, 42 out of the 50 state offer completely free associates degrees at community colleges for anyone who graduates High School with a 'C' average or better. Between available scholarships and the first two years completely free, there is no reason anyone should graduate with debt these days.
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