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Originally Posted by fastboatster View Post
Where do these 130k houses exist? Just asking out of curiosity. I imagine itís not an area with too many well paying jobs
I bought mine as a foreclosure for 20k, put about 30k in and is now worth $155k. We live in a rural area but only 15 mins from anything anyone could want. Have many Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, etc living near us. Not to mention no crime! 15 mins away houses are min 500k up to the millions.

I would much rather not be house poor, I've seen many neighbors move away only to become dual income families or working two jobs. The wife and I have very expensive hobbies so it makes sense for us. We want something we just buy it. Oh and my taxes are only $900 per year and insurance is $850. Most of my clients pay that in tax every month at minimum and one pays over 60k a year on a 3mil house...he lives in that 15 mins away thanks!