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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
i dont think its a big deal... who takes an EV on a roadtrip? 200 miles is plenty for normal everyday activities.

and this car is more of a status symbol. I remember when the hot thing for the eco-conscious folks was to get a prius... then it was a $100k tesla... now its a near-200k porsche. the best "humble brag" type of car you can buy.
While this will likely be one car of many in a garage, I will say at least for the 4S I'm very interested in the range. I'm wanting to go electric next, but want something that's luxurious like my CLS.

The Model S while nice doesn't fit the luxury bill, although it isn't a terrible cabin, still nice enough, but the 373 miles and pleasant handling and autopilot/tech features are something that I would be willing to excuse the interior for.

I'm also interested in a lightly optioned Taycan 4S as I don't need all the power nor the incredibly high price of the Turbo/TurboS (also a turbo badge on an EV would bug me &#128514. Because we also have an M2, my car would be the daily/car to take on trips, which while we don't take too many, we do take at least 2-3 long-range trips/year to South Carolina or Boston. Its nice to be able to know with the Tesla I could do it reasonably with the 350+ mile range and access to superchargers and charging info thats well integrated into the car's nav system, as well as entertainment built in the car for when charging (netflix, youtube, etc).

The Taycan worries me. While I won't need to charge outside of my home most times, the idea of taking it on a trip would be something where I'd possibly have to consider a rental. And while the range is stated by the EPA, that is for ideal circumstances. So if the weather changes, or I even have a little fun and push the car on the trip, the range is easily diminished. Of course this also applies to the Mode S, but the Model S already has a larger range that helps ease things.

I'm most likely gonna go with the S, but I do hope the Taycan succeeds, and I can't wait to drive one!
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