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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
i dont think its a big deal... who takes an EV on a roadtrip? 200 miles is plenty for normal everyday activities.

and this car is more of a status symbol. I remember when the hot thing for the eco-conscious folks was to get a prius... then it was a $100k tesla... now its a near-200k porsche. the best "humble brag" type of car you can buy.
I see lots of people taking EVs on road-trips. I know of people that take their Tesla from Denver up to WP and back. I see them in places on the Kenai Peninsula and Talkeetna where they had to drive for hours to get there. I think 200 does kind of relegate it to a city-car, which is sad. I think it takes 300 or to make it one of those road-trip cars where you'll drive a few hours each way to go do something. I see the utility go up dramatically at the 300 mile level, putting electric cars on par with fossil fuels. It kind of doesn't make sense that the Porsche would be so poor in this regard, like there couldn't be a mostly software mode/mod that would allow for extended range, given it's battery size.
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