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Originally Posted by Ngilbe36 View Post
Southeast Michigan.
There are tons of great engineer jobs in mechanical, industrial, software etc. and housing is insanely cheap compared to income level. I am from VT where there is not a lot of engineering and housing is expensive. I now live in Michigan where its the opposite. For reference. Most starting engineers I know are around 70-80k and it isnt hard to find a house for 150k.
My house in a safe neighborhood with good schools nearby, and 20 minutes from downtown (which is actually great, don't believe what everything you hear) was 150k for a 3 bed 2.5 bath on an acre with a 3 car garage. Its a little older, but its a great house for me.

Oh and a car loan for 69 months is nuts.
Years ago, I did a ton of work in a chemical plant in Adrian.
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