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Originally Posted by Our03z4 View Post
I bought mine as a foreclosure for 20k, put about 30k in and is now worth $155k. We live in a rural area but only 15 mins from anything anyone could want. Have many Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, etc living near us. Not to mention no crime! 15 mins away houses are min 500k up to the millions.

$20k house? That's the cost of a bathroom remodel here. And by bathroom, I mean the guest bathroom. Makes me wonder how houses are so inexpensive. Maybe labor is cheaper there but the price of a slab of quartz has got to be the same right? Or even more being that it's not as readily available.

I want a nice car. They should give us lower rates that longer we have the loan. bring back <1% loans on terms over 10 years. Here I come nice car!