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Originally Posted by PoorLurker View Post
$20k house? That's the cost of a bathroom remodel here. And by bathroom, I mean the guest bathroom. Makes me wonder how houses are so inexpensive. Maybe labor is cheaper there but the price of a slab of quartz has got to be the same right? Or even more being that it's not as readily available.

I want a nice car. They should give us lower rates that longer we have the loan. bring back <1% loans on terms over 10 years. Here I come nice car!

This was bought during the 2008 collapse. 3 bed 1 bath 1/2 acre lot 2 car garage. Oh trust me it's nothing to do with labor here. I charge $90 per man hour, plus mark up, to change light bulbs. One of our accounts we just made $130 per man hour. Like I said down the road houses are insane. 400k for a starter house and 600-800 for a normal house. People are just too lazy to drive the extra 15 mins, that's it, same school district even. I could care less about keeping up with Jones's, I prefer freedom to do what we want when we want.