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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
Itís the GT2 thatís usually referred to as widow maker and I never said 50/50 was crap. Yes recent generations of Corvette dances right on the knifes edge of 50/50 but itís not the most important factor to Corvette success on tracks. Itís the complete package that makes them perform very well. W.D. is down the list. But you know thatís what I said, you have to throw crap in there to put a dishonest spin on what I said. You should run for Congress.
I don't think that's even right, the original porsche "widowmaker", apart from everything that was already tail-happy, was the 930, the dynamics of which included massive turbo lag and the ability to kill people around turns. The GT2 was a far more refined version many models later and wasn't the "widowmaker", although far from benign.
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