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Honestly? It's an almost 270hp AWD sub-compact car. And a hatch at that. That's amazing.

I can't think of any other brand that does this. Not Subaru, not Honda, no one. The only thing close is the 500 Abarth.

Aesthetically, I would prefer the Hyundai N line look which is way more subtle, but this is an order of magnitude better than the Civic type-R. And the interior is just simple, not transformers, which is great.

I get that this is a 'toy' and competes with something like a Miata, so no practicality is expencted, but if they made it in 4 doors that would be awesome since then it becomes more realistic to use daily as you can fold down the rears and get an actual trunk.

This was a $15k car. To the manufacturer it has less than a couple hundred bucks in parts bolted on, which means naturally it will cost over double the base model which I find insulting.

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