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no. To see any results you need to go AT LEAST 3 times a week. I'd advise more if you can, 5 maybe?

Strength training doesn't get you jacked so don't be fooled. What gets you jacked is doing it for 3-4 years and really isolating each muscle. I'd stick with a healthy load of lifting your basic movements that strengthen your core and more than just 1 muscle group for the first few months. When I started I did a lot of these:
Assisted pullups
Cleans - use dumbells or kettle bells at 1st
Dead lifts
Overhead press
bench press and chest press - (like benching only with dumbells instead of a bar)
Timed ab holds in a few different positions - (V, standard crunch, leg lift at 45 degrees. start with 2 sets of 30 sec each and each time add on 10-15 sec till you get to about 2 min and then eventually a 3rd set of shorter holds, building up time again.) once you get better at this there are TONS of ab workouts out there to help tone the belly.

BTW this isn't all 1 day. I'd do a few sets of a few one week, then switch it up next week and so on.

Also, run/walk for 30 min after your workouts, it helps cut fat off a lot. brisk walking (3-3.5mph) at a 10-15 incline on a treadmill should burn you about the same as running on elliptical at a faster pace with little resistance.

I myself have just gone into freak out mode, I'm doing 3-5 miles or running in the morning and lifting at night 5-6 days a week. Trying to push myself HARD to drop a little more weight and let those abs punch through my belly.
Ive got a bunch of planned workouts on paper, you want a few?