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I definitely focus on compound lifts.
1. Deadlifts: Get the form right and they make you massively strong throughout your whole body.
2. Pull-ups: Often overlooked, I personally think they are the best upper body work out available. Start assisted if you have to (spotter>machine) and add weight if you can as you progress. Having a spotter always ensures you go to failure, which is amazing. I started out about 3 years ago adding weight to my pull-ups and I max out at me + 110 pounds now (I weigh a shade over 180 atm.)
3. Squats: Similar reasons as deadlifts, just a great lift all-around.
4. Core: Squats and deads definitely help in this department, but doing a solid core workout a couple times a week will help you in so many ways.

Those are my favorites by far, other staples are bench, incline bench, dips (I don't do these as much anymore, they put an odd stress on my shoulders) and assorted things for shoulders and arms.