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Yes - a LOT of people with a axe to grind on this thread. Now the facts are starting to come out and it looks like probably going to be human caused. Have any of us not driven ridiculously at some point in our lives and were just a blowout or deer crossing away from being right here? I know I have been - many times.

I for one look forward to a day I can get in a vehicle and have it take me where I want to go with no input from me AND still have my fun 2 arms and 2 legs to drive car in the garage. Maybe they will be on other "roads" or maybe one with fly - I have no idea - but I know it won't just materialize without work like this being done.

I've never gotten the rage against it, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just think we should always put the blame where it belongs in each case. This one to me at least does not seem like Tesla is to blame. We shall see.
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