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Originally Posted by xQx View Post
Do you really think he's going to get a fair trial, considering that the people who he exposed as criminals and liars are the same people who make the laws that the court enforces?

Also, do you think it's reasonable that he be brought to the US for trial, given that he is a foreign citizen on foreign soil?

... and being a foreign citizen, forcibly recovered from foreign soil, do you think he will enjoy all the same protections of the US legal system and US constitution as he would if he were a US citizen?

That's one of the key points which would be tested in a fair trial. (does a casual blogger get the same protection as a full-time newspaper employee, and if not, where's the line?)

But would the situation be any different if he was a full time employee of the Guardian?

My point is that he's not a US citizen, and he's not on US soil - so it should be entirely immaterial whether or not he broke the law in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Does Australia or any other country extradite non citizens that commit crimes that cause harm against them or their citizens? Of course they do.

Do I think he’ll get a fair trial. I do as he will have access to the very best defense lawyers and non stop media coverage.