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I know it is tough for you with the shin splints and all, but you need to get outside. Get to a track if you can or pace off a 400 meter distance somehwere. NOT the treadmill.
You need to do 3 miles of interval for your need to jog 400 meters one way and sprint the other. That is 1/2 a mile. That means you do this 6 times.
Concentrate on striking the ground with the middle of your foot (just behind the ball) and make sure you are getting a good stride.
This type of interval training will give HUGE benefit to your run. This is the type of training I do for my PT test and I am down under 12 minutes (and I am 40 years old). Make sure that you wear leggings or something in the cold to keep you legs warm. Also, run with a watch cap and gloves.
When it comes time for the test just remember one thing:
If your legs are still moving, you are not dead yet. You can keep going.