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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Look, we all post here observing the utmost respect for one another, regardless of what you believe. hks and I have pretty much proven that we believe completely different things, but we still respect one another. Besides, with your immature comments you're not gaining any credibility in the thread. Bottom line- If you have something to add to the thread, please do. If you're just going to make sarcasatic comments about posts made months ago, then you belong in a different forum.
Why are you offended? You make the most extraordinary claim (existance of God) and your evidence is a man made book. Well be ready to be questioned! You and I live in the same political system and your belief in supernatural, and not facts and evidence, hurts me on election day. It's as simple as that.

I will question your religion just like I would question everything else. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
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