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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Yet again you lose all credibility. I said nothing about not questioning me, my beliefs, Santa Claus, or anything you can think of. I didn't say that. I said show some respect and quit belittling people. Any one of us could fire back at you and call you any name we choose too, but thats not what this thread was originally created to become. If you would read the thread, my beliefs have been questioned and I have replied with Biblical answers for each of them. If you don't believe in the Bible, thats fine, you don't have to agree with my replies, but show respect. If you still can't figure this respect thing out then stop posting here.
Biblical answers?!?! Are you kidding me? It's a BOOK!! It's been ambiguously (on purpose) re-written many times by humans. It doesn't have one natural law explained in it, and you take it for granted???? This is what worries me the most. Your decision making is based on what your religious leader says. You are not a free thinker and yet you VOTE!!!

You say that I belittle people. Not true, I am a secular humanist; I want people to wake up from this nonsense that religion propagates.

We are at the point where religion shouldn’t be questioned. Why not? No one has monopoly on truth!!

I'm trying to provoke a rational critical thinker in people like you. The one that negotiates a deal when buying a BMW, that sees thru dealer tricks. The person that balances his checkbook. Yet blindly believes in fantasy stories.

Until recently I didn't care, but religious right in this country is in my face. You propagate intelligent design, faith based initiative! You VOTE based on your fate. Fate is by definition belief without evidence. And that’s why we are in Iraq.

Wake up. Freedom will set you free….
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