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Originally Posted by WeekendWarriorz View Post
I had a drunk driver fly across an intersection in a Kia Sedona hitting the traffic light and it landed on my GTI a few years ago. I could've pressed charges as my sister and I had minor scratches and glass damage as well as whiplash. But no, People make mistakes, some of which can cost the lives of other people. It's not your responsibility to lash out and shit on someone looking for advice, things happen, the guy still has bills to pay, possibly a family to feed, needs a car to drive to work, etc. If you're so emotionally touched by this subject seek therapy and mental rehabilitation. Just my .02 cents.
Just unfortunate when ever a person is killed because a POS decided to drink and drive, it's always seems to be the innocent victim the person crashed into and the drunk driver survives.

I have little sympathy for the persons poor decision making in driving a car while intoxicated. Driving isn't a right, it's privilege. We as a country are way too lenient when it comes to DUI's and letting them back on the road. A DUI should face a minimum of 5 years of loss of license.