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He is tone deaf. The complaints of many of us are not that they have changed, it is that they have changed from an attractive grill to a hideous unattractive one. Change is fine...just make it attractive.
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The car is nice looking except for the out of proportion grill.
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That may be the worst grill I've ever seen on a car. Worse than any Toyota/Lexus........
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Who actually LIKES these huge grills? I've heard that it's primarily to the Chinese market who love the things.

Audi / Lexus have been doing this for a while and I always thought it looked hideous. I do hope that it doesn't spread to the entire line of cars.
And literally everyone else.

Why is this so hard to understand?

China BMW Sales are already 2x higher than USA YTD in 2019.

Roughly 73% of BMW Sales in China this year are Cars, not SUVs.

BMW Car Sales are collapsing in USA. Only thing keeping BMW close to positive in USA are SUVs sales.

China BMW Sales from 2019 - 2031 expected to rise 50% compared to 13% in North America

China already has 2x the Dealers as USA.

China likes big grills. USA buyers can come along or not. USA just are not driving the long term future any longer. China Consumer Appeal is leading the design of future vehicles.
Big grills?
Even for Rolls Royce
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