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No one has monopoly on truth!!
but the truth isnt contingent on anyone. truth is truth no matter what you believe. so, it's still up in the air isn't it? God could be real. or maybe not. the fact is, no one can prove anything.

consider this for example. how do we know that on a good day, the sky is blue? maybe everyone's eyes are screwed up somehow and what we see as blue is really green. so.. does that make the sky blue or green?

let's take the above example as truth for a moment. you're going to be the guy that will believe the sky is blue because that is what you see. people of religious faith will believe that the sky is green because in some ancient book somewhere, it says the sky is really green, but we see blue because our eyes are messed up.

or maybe this book will be wrong and say the sky is red. then everyone is wrong. you see? the truth is not contingent on what we believe or think we know.

i believe that the sky, on a good day, is truly blue because i have faith that my eyes are telling me the truth.

so here's my point. science can only explain what we can observe and measure and reproduce. but don't you think that there are things that we can't see? or measure? or reproduce? if science can't explain something, isn't any conclusion after that based on faith? additionally, what if what we see, measure or reproduce isn't true to begin with? won't any conclusion based on it be wrong?

when it comes to God, you're as much a man of faith as everyone else.

anyway, this is off topic. you're better off challenging christians in the thread here about Jesus.