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1. You say that you had personal experience of God.
If you don't mind, please elaborate on this.
it's hard to describe in a way that won't make me sound silly to a person like you who doesn't believe in this stuff. maybe i'll try another time after i've thought about it.

2. You claim that God is real

Would you agree that the definition of real is:
a. being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary
b. actual as opposed to possible or potential.
c. independent of experience as opposed to phenomenal or apparent
i suppose i could agree for now

So, undetectable, zero-physical-evidence entity wouldn't qualify as real.
doesn't that go against rule c (if i understand it correctly)?

3. Even if Jesus existed, that doesn't prove that God exists.
no, but if the bible tells the truth, then God is real. the bible says that we can see the evidence of God through the things He's created. do you really believe in the big bang theory? do you think we can put all the parts of a clock in a box, shake it up real good and we'll get a perfectly working clock from it? occam's razor: someone had to have made that clock, with purpose and intent. i think that the world being formed by some awesome feat of chance is more unlikely than God being the creator of it.

take our solar system as another example. i studied astrophysics and learned how the sun, each planet, each moon, their orbits have a perfect balance in the laws of physics. if one thing was to change it's course or it's size, it would change everything else and break that balance that has sustained life on Earth the way it does. i don't have an answer on life on other planets, but i'm pretty sure that there is no other planet in our solar system like Earth.

to me, that requires intelligent design.

4. I would really like to hear your opinion on this movie as you know a lot about Christianity. Just watch 1st part about religion.
i saw it before and indeed it's interesting, but my biggest objection to this movie is the person or group that made it. if you visit their website and read their list of sources, you will see that every one of their sources in regards to Christianity is anti-christian. should we trust such an obviously biased movie? it would've been more credible to have primary resources regarding these ancient characters so other people can check these sources and make their own conclusion, which is what i wanted to do but since no primary sources were cited, i couldn't find anything.

so, this movie isn't really a documentary from scholarly research. more like elementary regurgitation of "see spot run"....

i didn't read this page myself, but this site is gaining my trust a little bit. it deals with copy-cat theorists: