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It's no harm inquiring an official service for what they can do first. When I got a dent on my windshield I noticed BMW advertised minor glass damage repair service. But my BMW service denied they could do it.

Using that kit requires some skill actually. I tried it on my previous car and I didn't bother on my current. Practice on your fingernails or consider addressing a specialized minor repairs body shop.
These kits are typically more of a hassle than anything else. I have tried them all, and you can see the repair...but I'm OCD. Maybe at 10ft. looks okay. But you can see it when you get within 2ft.

Now I have a small compressor and spray gun. I use it to take care of road rash on my cars. Its kind of like "air-brushing"....just takes a little bit of time with it to make it look good especially when blending. A lot of this also is dependent upon where the spot you are trying to repair is. If it's close to another body panel, it's harder to make it not as apparent.

I have actually painted and cleared an entire front bumper that came out looking really well. I just have never painted an entire car.
Which airbrush you use? Link? And do you just out factory touch up pain in the canister or somethjng? I ws thinking along the lines of hobby airbrush or something?