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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
•The picture of the day !

Didn't HAM realized it ,that he won the lottery with the red flag ?
I'm pretty sure he did !

If HAM hadn’t gotten so lucky during from Russell/Bottas crash MAX would be leading the season by 25 points !!!

But yeah , the show must go on ....
It’s amazing, the dude is blessed with an incredible amount of good fortune.

There is an incredible F1 documentary about the 2007 season (how the 2007 season was won) which was hammys rookie season. Tells a tale of a young kid that has only known winning. Hammy had the benefit of Alonso’s car setup as a rookie and the relentless Ron Dennis (Mclaren). Spygate experience no doubt fast tracked hammys maturity as a driver strategically. Then moving to Toto and Lauda at Merc, hammy took full advantage of his opportunities and the system. All the pieces were there for driver development and he grabbed those opportunities and maximized it.

No coincidence that hammy approached lando after qualifying with words of encouragement (pouring honey in his ear). Lando’s pace was top three. Lando fought two laps, but at the end of the day hammy was given a clear pass (imagine if the positions were reversed). Hammy is master class with influencing others on the grid something he owes to his master class mentors.

Max is the only one on the grid that appears immune to hammys influence and hammy knows this which is something special to see. Max stubbornness and speed makes him exciting to watch, but hammys cleverness and speed keeps him king of the grid for now. We are seeing the makings of the power shift this season.

Max has not had the benefit of championship caliber teammates (Danny R closest to it) like hammy (Alonso, button, nico). No doubt, hammy learned and adjusted his driving quite a bit from those guys due to proximity and data. Quality peers can raise your game. Hopefully, the lack quality teammates doesn’t come back to bite max long term.

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