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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
Order the parts and tools online. It's a 10 minute job per tire, if you are moving slolwy, to remove the tire and tube, and put a new one one.
- air pump (assume you already have one of these)
I've done tire/tube changes dozens of times in my younger days, and even trued bicycle and motorcycle wheels. Living with heart failure these days, taking off quick-release wheels is challenge enough! I really want a professional to look the wheels over and check the spoke tensions, since I'm pretty sure that it was ridden in excess of its designed weight limits a time or two in the past. Plus, I honestly don't know what type or size tires/tubes are appropriate for the somewhat unique bicycle-riding mecca that I live next to...and of course not dry-rotting again for another 10+ years.

This whole idea may be moot at this point. I went outside about an hour ago, to pull the bike out of my race car hauler. When I stepped up through the side door, one of my knees buckled and I took a tumble onto the trailer floor. It took me almost 5 minutes to recover from the "help me, I've fallen and can't get up" moment, slide to the door, and get back onto my feet outside the door. Looks like riding a bicycle is beyond my abilities at this point if I can't even get it out of the trailer!

My bicycle helmet was hanging right inside the trailer door. I brought it into the house with me, to see if/how several years of baking in the hot trailer did any damage to my rare Snell B95 lid.....
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