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Originally Posted by JMAN1111 View Post
Talk about disappointment and huge mistake by Bmw if they don't bring the 530hp motor to the US market
The N63B44T3 is definitely going to come to the US.

The question is whether it will be delayed in the US market compared to the ROW release which happens mid next year. But yes, it will indeed be very unfortunate if it happens that way.

The X6 should get the engine from the outset - they are not going to create a US-specific 50i model just for one year. I would bet that the M550i is a lock for this engine in the US next year as well, just as is the plan from ROW. The 750i also gets it for its LCI in March next year. That leaves just the X5 and X7. Would they delay it for one or both of those? Possibly, but for right now, my guess would be that it makes in to everything 5-and-up next year. No guarantees though.