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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
true enough. my daughter drove a used E36 vert in high school and a used E46 Vert in college. If I had unlimited funds I would get her an X2 via European Delivery as a graduation gift when she graduates in 2020 as her first new vehicle.
I just had an X2 as a loaner and really didn't think much of it. I wanted to like it but the X1 is better in my opinion If someone is looking for a small BMW "SUV". There is a lot more cargo space in the X1 trunk. The X2 felt cramped. We just had a baby so the wifey wants a BMW "SUV" that sits up a little higher then all the 3 series she's had over years. I would prefer a wagon (don't understand Americans infatuation with SUVs) but whatever.

The availability of Euro delivery is a plus on the X1\X2 for sure.

Do college kids/grads actually drive or are mommy and daddy still the chauffeurs?