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At service right now. The chassis malfunction issue was due to the back passenger side ride height sensor bracket/clip. Guess when I had it on the dyno to see about the jb4, the technician must've looped the bracket with the LCA and broke it when strapping down the car. It's being replaced under warranty.

He's also putting the rubber stops back in. Said he wasn't sure what their purpose was other than possible strike protection for the top as it comes up so it's not making hard contact. Basically without them the top hits the strike plate making metal on metal sound. With these it's quieter because they're rubber to cushion the contact.

Also found out there's an open recall on the DME for reprogramming. Takes a few hours to do so I setup a separate appt for that to be done, but the shop foreman took it upon himself to do it now while it's in >.< so I've been sitting here for 3 hours now and counting
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