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Dave ...I appreciate the insight...It makes me feel better...I have been researching the car I want to buy for over 2 yrs this will be my dream car. I have looked and researched many... corvette (too flashy and canít get over the fact itís still a Chevy)f type ( not many dealers around here and at the price point I do not want the 4 cylinder) boxster ( as u mentioned I heard the extras cost way too much plus I heard the cost of repairs were crazy) I was happy that the z4 came out ...seems to be the better fit....whatís interesting( I live in northern n.j.) I have yet to see one on the road. I am on the roads due to my job on average 4-6 hrs a day I see a lot of corvettes some boxsters and a few ftypes. I am still waiting for my first z 4 sighting. This will be my retirement fun car and honestly I canít wait to buy it