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There will always be some issues with cars - especially in the first production year. Thankfully, most issues here are software related and will eventually get sorted out. So no sweat! I just finished my first 1,000 miles in the M40i and it is such a joy to drive!
Nice to see someone else with the same setup as mine. Moonlight top, SFR, black wheels. Did you get the black interior as well?

One thing I highly recommend is tinting the windows, makes the car stand out more I feel. Went with Llumar CTX30 on the front side windows and CTX15 on the back window with a clear CTX film on the front windshield to help combat the heat here in Florida. But the darker windows is magnificent with your color setup.
I have the Cognac Interior. I wanted some more light inside given the already relatively smaller cabin, but black would have been my second choice. Originally, I was a bit concerned that Cognac would look too orange in sunlight - but it looks great.

I really like SFR and its different shades in different lighting. Of course, everybody has their own preferences, but in my eyes a sports car / roadster has to be RED!
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