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Originally Posted by Kpoggi View Post
Dave ...I appreciate the insight...It makes me feel better...I have been researching the car I want to buy for over 2 yrs this will be my dream car. I have looked and researched many... corvette (too flashy and can’t get over the fact it’s still a Chevy)f type ( not many dealers around here and at the price point I do not want the 4 cylinder) boxster ( as u mentioned I heard the extras cost way too much plus I heard the cost of repairs were crazy) I was happy that the z4 came out ...seems to be the better fit....what’s interesting( I live in northern n.j.) I have yet to see one on the road. I am on the roads due to my job on average 4-6 hrs a day I see a lot of corvettes some boxsters and a few ftypes. I am still waiting for my first z 4 sighting. This will be my retirement fun car and honestly I can’t wait to buy it
Sounds like the perfect retirement gift to self! Enjoy the new car and always great to see people who are excited about their upcoming car! (put me in that camp too!)...and that SF red is amazing - first one I saw in the flesh at the dealer was that very color.