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Originally Posted by thebishman View Post
I just don’t see this. Lewis is extremely savvy re: his chances of winning an 8th WDC; (assuming he wins the 7th in 2020, and this will be tough). Whilst Mercedes aren’t immune to making stupid pit calls, their incompetence pails in comparison that is the Ferrari ‘strategy’ shitshow.

Bottom line: if Lewis has beaten all of Schumacher’s records except for getting the 8th WDC, he’s staying at MB.
If you know anything about Lewis he loves a challenge. He very much enjoys the fight against the new young crop and would not shy away from a change.

More importantly he has huge respect for Schumi. Lets say he ties Schumi's record next year. I wouldn't put it past Lewis to switch and try to surpass Michael's championships in a Ferrari.

As far as Ferrari strategy sh*tshow, I agree they are a mess and have been for years. But Lewis can always have some of his guys follow him over.