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Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
Lol Hamilton loves a challenge? Is that why he left McLaren. Hamilton and any other driver wants to be in a strong car with a strong team behind him so he can beat everyone. If he really loves a challenge why didn't he stay in McLaren and "challenged" in that car?
Guess you forget the headlines when Lewis left for Mercedes? Why, what is he doing, chasing money, etc. Short memory I guess. Merc was not what it was today, not even close.

Quote from a 2012 article:
"McLaren have the fastest car this season, while Mercedes have slipped backwards after a promising start to the year.
But Mercedes have sold the move to Hamilton on the basis that they are preparing for a huge push in 2014, when new chassis and engine rules are introduced."

Merc was still struggling during Lewis's first season at Merc. The team won a total of 3 races in 2013. Absolutely nothing was promised from the new rules(2014 hybrid era). Lewis isn't nostradamus, he had no idea what was coming. So saying he left for a strong car is far fetched at best, if anything he took a huge gamble.
Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Not much of an F1 historian then?
McLaren 7 wins total points 378
Mercedes 1 win total points 142
Niki Lauda convinced Hamilton to switch to a far less competitive team.
Exactly. Everyone in the media thought he made a horrible decision. The Merc's were notorious for blowing through tires in a couple laps when Lewis arrived.

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