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Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
Lol Hamilton loves a challenge? Is that why he left McLaren. Hamilton and any other driver wants to be in a strong car with a strong team behind him so he can beat everyone. If he really loves a challenge why didn't he stay in McLaren and "challenged" in that car?
Guess I miss understood your post above. To me it reads he left McLaren for Merc because he wanted a stronger car and team. But in fact at the time he left McLaren, McLaren was actually one of the quickest cars on the grid. McLaren had same amount of poles and race wins as Red Bull in 2012. Merc was fumbling around in 9th and 13th in the championship.
Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
What you're saying doesn't contradict what I'm saying. You're just telling a different part of the same story. All I'm saying is that he didn't leave for the "challenge". He left for a looooot of reasons and none of them is because winning at McLaren is easy and he wanted a challenge. He left because McLaren was on the decline (hindsight is 20/20 but it's true) and another team (the only big team who would take him) that gave him more money and more leeway and more future was the obvious choice.

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