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I drive an SUV, and it's one seen as a "money grab" by most, so I'm not too sure how much my opinion matters here. I digress. I see the point in SUVs. I understand why people buy cars such as the X1, X3, X5, and X7. It's when you start to seriously cut the roofline where it doesn't make sense anymore. i.e. X4 and x6. The x2 and what is claimed to be an X8 here (But I personally think it looks more like a Mercedes-Benz than a Bimmer, I mean look at the size of those headlights) aren't culprits of it to the same degree. Like the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan, the cargo compartment is cut somewhat shorter due to a higher rake in the rear glass.

Here's what I don't get. Why produce such a gargantuan SUV but then only give it four seats. Realistically, since this is the range-topping car, it'll feel similar 7 Series wearing high heels - Taller, and, to some, looks prettier, but it lacks the mobility of regular shoes. Sorry for the terrible analogy.

Companies are committing financial suicide by cutting down on sedans and wagons and instead focusing on SUVs. I'm a culprit of this, too. I drive an SUV. They're so damn tempting, but the issue is that SUVs are so much more wasteful than sedans and wagons. Car manufacturers get away with it since gas prices are ridiculously low at the moment. The second we have another oil crash, or by the time governments start to push heavier emissions/efficiency standards, manufactures such as Ford and GM will need to spend billions in R&D to rapidly develop new sedans and wagons since SUVs will be seen as wasteful.

The issue isn't just gas. There's also the fact these vehicles cost more to produce due to the simple need for more material. They're bigger.

The X8 at least makes more sense than an X6. However, it still hardly makes sense. An X8 would be extremely wasteful, and I don't see why people would buy one over a 7-series sedan or an 8-series Gran Coupe. BMW isn't Range Rover.

Anyways, I probably just wasted everyone's time. Sorry about that. Feel free to criticize. I won't feel attacked.
I don't think the dynamics of the next oil crash will be the same as the last one. OPEC knows we're on the brink of an electric car and green energy revolution and if gas prices reach $4/gal again that trend will only accelerate. Plus there are many options for mobility today that didn't exist back in 2005-2008 and the trend toward remote work is going to lessen the need for cars in general.
And not to mention the US became the largest EXPORTER of oil and gas beginning in 2018. Fracking technologies and our engineering prowess have eliminated our great nation's independence on foreign oil or gas forever should our govt officials step up. OPEC is not needed and we can control our market. V12's and Diesels for everyone here. Battery materials for these Electric Salvations are mined by huge diesel machines, the raw materials are finite and rare themself, and manufactured in massive factories burning fossil fuels to make them. The hypocrisy is unbridled. Electric cars are not and will not save the world. The costs to ruin precious Mother Earth mining the material and building the cars far overshadows any positive spin the Libs can put on it. 700HP and 12MPG all day for me. Merica.
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