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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
WORK computers: All these were purchased before I got here some 15 years ago.

NT4 server because it runs a proprietary database (inquiry only) that we couldn't find anyone to convert when we went to a new system. Did I mention it doesn't even have a RAID controller for the HD?

Desktops controlling the water treatment plant. They have (rusty) 3.5 floppy drives. Still awaiting to quotes to upgrade EVERYTHING to Win10/ODBC query of the control logic.

Home: Original iPad (pron and weather reports)
Same situation at our chemical plant. Most of the Lab stuff is still on Windows 95, and our Secure Entry Access software is running on Windows 98. Have to give it to them, they keep running when newer machines are failing all the time.

Plant automation is an old Moore's APAC DCS system that hasn't been supported since the mid 90's. I'm actually scared to try to go online with it at times.

Finally getting a chance to replace it and upgrade to a new Siemens S7 during our July 4th shutdown.
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