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What if I purchased an M car? (M4 CS)

I recall M cars actually getting you an M-specific Track Day, not just the general driving event???
All M3/4 CS cars come with a M Driver Package that removes the electronic speed limiter and comes with a free M Driver Program class. It's 1 day of instruction at a BMW Performance Center. You can, however, exchange it for a 1 Day M School.

This is not to be confused with the M Track Day($500), which is a light version of the M Driver Program($1500), which is a less high performance version of the M Driver School ($1500). Note that in M Driver School, you get your own car. In all other classes, you are sharing, so there is much less seat time.
Thanks for that! Gotta call them up and schedule something.

Seems like M Driver School is the way to go...although the thought of sampling a few models sounds enticing too 🤔