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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I remain skeptical of this possibility. Here's why:

- Mercedes just debuted the new W223 S Class and the V8 is still the volume engine for the US for now. Clearly there is still a strong market for V8 power in this class of vehicle. While it is true that Mercedes has plans for an I6 PHEV model with as much power as the V8, it is not expected to replace that model in the lineup. Additionally, Audi's A8, like Mercedes S Class still offers V8 power.

- BMW has been held onto their V8 engine in more models than either of their German counterparts. For example, neither the Audi S6 nor Mercedes E53 use a V8 while BMW's competitor, the M550i, does.

- As you acknowledge, the V8 virtually has to stick around for the SUVs, so why not continue to offer it in sedans? A counterpoint to this would be to cite that the Audi SQ7 and Mercedes GLE580 have V8 power despite the aforementioned sedans forgoing it, so BMW could follow suit. And I'd agree that the G60 5 Series might well go that route. But the G70 7 Series? It seems unlikely.

Could Alpina simply take up the slack in the market for the M550i, 750i, and M850i? Perhaps. But I am not ready to bet on it yet, especially for the latter two.
All of that is valid. I guess it depends on how that Borg Warner 48v turbo system is implemented and when it will be ready for production. That could allow for low end torque and top end power out of a smaller engine.

There must be a point where the M60-S68 engine family phases out though, still the same bore spacing from 1992! Obviously everything has been changed just like the Chevy LS1 but how many times has the inline family been completely rebuilt from ground up in that time, 50/52, 54/55, 58 series = 3 full families. Plus even the old M30/S38 if you want to include those existing designs.

In saying that, the bigger bore spacing won't make the V8 longer than the B/S58 so maybe it doesn't matter much?
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