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Originally Posted by brad850csi View Post
All of that is valid. I guess it depends on how that Borg Warner 48v turbo system is implemented and when it will be ready for production. That could allow for low end torque and top end power out of a smaller engine.
New technology will continue to push power-per-displacement higher, but I think the market for V8 engines in high end luxury vehicles goes beyond performance. There is still a prestige factor. It's similar to how the V12 lasted as long as it did in this class even when the V8 has long since had the ability to yield higher performance.

There must be a point where the M60-S68 engine family phases out though, still the same bore spacing from 1992!


In saying that, the bigger bore spacing won't make the V8 longer than the B/S58 so maybe it doesn't matter much?
If the S68 doesn't usher in an all new design (such as switching to the same 91mm bore spacing the inline family uses), I think they'll keep the current architecture until the end. As you say, the engine is still shorter than an I6, and it's difficult to imagine there being enough volume past the end of this decade to warrant any major change.