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Originally Posted by gmag View Post
Word from BMW "insiders" is that apart from the new S68 V8 engine, BMW is set to totally phase out the V8 by the year 2027 at the latest.


The N63 V8 will be replaced by this in-line-6 PHEV drivetrain in the next generation 5 series (G60), X5, X6 & X7.
According to ynguldyn's future BMW information thread, the end dates for the vehicles powered by the N63 today are:

G12 7er - 06/22
G31 5er - 02/24
G1x 8er - 06/25
G07 X7 - 07/25
G05 X5 - 07/26
G06 X6 - 03/27

So, 2027 sounds right if indeed BMW has determined that all next generation products can satisfy market demands without V8 power (except M models).

Furthermore, I would agree that if the SUVs will lose the V8 (except M models) after this generation then it makes little sense to continue its development. That still would not preclude the existing N63 finding its way into the G70 or the next generation 8 Series Gran Coupe (assuming it will live - the coupe and convertible probably will not), but it would certainly make that possibility less likely.