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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Angela on Lewis Hamilton

I cant express how grateful I am to be part of this momentous journey... Iím humbled everyday by the dedication and hard work Lewis puts into every aspect of his life ..
I wish everyone could see this.
We are always the last driver to leave the track in the evenings , he spends hours trawling data, watching replays, working with Bono and his team, pushing and continually searching for the smallest of gains.
Its an honor and a privilege to know this side that so many of you never see .
You truly deserve every one of those 91 wins , not only are you such an amazing athlete, but one of the most caring, humble , genuine and beautiful souls I know .. and such and inspiration to me and many.
Iím so super proud and happy for you .. I know you will keep pushing but enjoy today and this moment as you truly deserve it
yeah this is the backstage that most of the people dont see.. he is working hard.. really hard.. thanks for sharing!
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