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Originally Posted by e90335e36m3 View Post
I don't believe Trump is sophisticated or diabolical enough to wage a trade war and then predict its outcome in the financial markets for personal gain and his giving in will probably be to save face.
Actually it's been happening for the last year and a half ever since the trade war begin, so it's not really a prediction but already part of the market history. You could almost trade the market based on the trade war headlines. You can pretty much overlay the trade war headlines to the market reactions to like almost a 1 to 1 correlation.

If there is a trade deal with the Chinese, good or bad, the market will shoot up like you don't even know what happens. The shorts will run for cover like they don't know what hit them, while the longs will make a killing.

If I personally know in advance the outcome of this trade deal, I could make so much money in the market that you won't believe.