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Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post
Ever see charlie wilsons war? The USA destroyed the ussr by forcing them into going broke. Donald is doing much the same thing with this trade war. The chinese economy still relies very heavily on the money the US of A sends them from every dollar store back scratcher to every iphone. These tariffs will cost china so dearly that their factories will become non profitable and close.

Hopefully to reopen in north america where our kids can once again make cars and fridges and ac units and robotics in the way that our fathers did.

This war of economics started in the 80's. Trumps here to put an end of it for the benefit of his country and people.

Edit: look up the spreadsheets between the USA and china. The USA is still the richer country. Its still the stronger economic power.

Trump knows what he is doing.
The USSR went broke because of the inherent deficiency of communism not because of the US in Afghanistan.

The little communists in China can fck off as well. Trump should let them twist in the wind.
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