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In chronological order:

1. Nixon visited China in 1972.
2. During the 1980's there was some fear China may become disorganized with their large poor population with nothing better to do and may become another modern Syria.
3. After Tiananmen Square, for whatever reason, starting 1990's on, the big West corporations start setting shops in China taking advantage of cheap labors and non-existing environmental concerns. We got cheap stuffs and they got air pollution the equivalent of everybody driving an M3 here :-).
4. China becomes wealthy. They start building up their military and start threatening the surrounding South East Asian countries and regions.
5. Trump doesn't like it very much and using the trade war to reign them in.

At least that's the official version. There may be actual beef we don't know.
What will happen? Who knows. I guess that's the price to pay for cheap stuffs and pretty secretary's make up :-)