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Auto Insurance - Custom Equipment ("CPE")

I just received notice from my insurance company that my collision / comprehensive coverage limit will soon be revised and capped at $5,000 for custom equipment ("CPE" as the industry calls it) ---- i.e. permanently installed items on the car that are not part of the the original manufacturer's car.

(I questioned the receptionist whether OEM after-market parts and add-ons would be considered "original manufacturer" --- and her answer was "no".)

The idea is that insurers don't want to cover a $2000 Geo that has $20,000 spinner wheels and a custom mural paint job... I say, why not? If one can increase the stated value of the car, why can't it be insured for the higher amount?!?! But that's another argument for another day....

My issue is that I have modded my car with well over the $5K maximum insurable limit --- such that if my car got in accident tomorrow and was a complete loss, my insurance company would not reimburse me for what could be upwards of $25,000.

I talked to a few insurers and they won't label my car as "antique" or "show car" since it's a daily driver, so I'm not eligible for those programs. The only other insurer that covers highly-modified cars is Liberty Mutual ---- they wanted nearly $3,000 for an annual policy....and that's about 3x what I currently pay.

I surmise that most people aren't aware of this cap...

But curious as to what everyone does to get your auto insurance to cover after-market modifications? but for those who are, did you get your insurer to increase the limit? did you have to buy a separate excess policy to cover modifications above $5,000?

Let me know if anyone has a solution, and/or a good auto insurance company that covers this stuff.
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