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Originally Posted by PINeely View Post
When I played that game in early '09 I put it mostly in Baidu which is like a Chinese google. Not sure how they are now but my team finished second in the state. As others have said Apple would be a good bet now.
I remember that boom.

Vanity covered his bases. Be smart and remember that finance isnt an exact science despite what many especially those carrying their pitch forks in the news believe. Be clever, your teacher will award a well thought out clever plan more than he will someone he gets lucky.

It might be worth your while to check stocks out for companies that provide drilling gear or do refining. Check out Mitchem. the beta is a little higher than i would want but it will give you an idea of the industry and some of its trends.

In your final paper, be sure you justify everything you have done, as vanity said about the euro to dollar value, that would be good to include reasons why you DID NOT do something as well.