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Yes, all that is true, Insurance companies will look for any reason not to cover you during an accident or jack your rates. This is why people get in trouble with doing insurance online, no agent so they think they get the best deal. This is why the Allstate commercial are trying to tell you. I had the same agent for almost 20 yrs until he just retired, and he use to tell me thing like how to reduce my rates or how to avoid not being covered. If you realize insurance rates are base on how many mile you drive a years especially for work, the closer to home your work is the higher your rates, since more accident happen within 5 mile of your home. So changing driving habits and other things like modding a car can cost you.

When my son got his permit, I called my agent and told him and he then told me how to change the policy to reduce my son's and mine yearly costs. Specifically I set up an umbrella policy with the home. I almost tripled my personal liability coverage for accidents and my car insurance dropped since I reduce the liability on the car and the home owners went up less than the drop in the car and my son insurance cost dropped from 1200 to 700 per year.

So not tell the agent could cost you and especially if there are any sort of claims against you the insurance company could choose not to cover you. It is not a game you want to play if you have lots to loose.

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