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Originally Posted by HungHingHK
Originally Posted by Cheeserolling View Post
Actually we are buying in on Friday, sorry for the confusion. Teacher said no commodities/dividends. I will ask about keeping the 100k in the US dollar. So far I've come up with McDonalds, Walgreens, Walmart, and Mitcham. The oil shortage has interested me, too bad I cant go into commodities. Also, what about something like Amazon? How about beer companies? Spring/Summer will be around and having a drink seems like a cheap way to cool off.
your are picking safe long term blue chips, this is not a investment strategy for 3 months. There will always be douchebags that put everything into penny stocks and get lucky. Not saying you should go penny (or maybe you should) but you gotta go a little more aggressive than that. Those are my grandma's stocks bro
I have to agree here. You're playing it a bit too safe and need to go more aggressive to get your percentage gains up.